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Rewards Program

Image Beauty Rewards Program:

The more you purchase, the more you earn!

For every $1 you spend on our website, you will receive 1 reward point.  For every 300 points you earn, you will receive a gift card for $10 cash off your next purchase (can be combined with other offers). 

It's EASY to start earning:

Step 1:  Create an account.  All accounts will receive 50 points instantly.

Step 2:  Start Shopping! 


Other ways to earn points:

1.  Post-purchase product reviews for an extra point!

2.  Special e-mail offers for double & triple rewards points!


You can also log-in to your account to review your rewards balance.


* Rewards Points will expire after 2 years.

* Rewards Points will "reset" once redeemed.  You have the option to choose how many points you wish to redeem.

* Please note that this is a new feature on our website.  Past purchases are not eligible for rewards.

* In-store and online rewards points are separate and unable to be combined.