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Pravana ChromaSilk

pravana chromosilk

Versatile Color

Stylists who want to mix the right color shades that will match their client’s hair pigment of choice should pick Pravana ChromaSilk – it is the most versatile hair color product in the industry. Different Chromasilk developers and how they are blended allow the stylist to determine whether the color is going to be permanent or demi permanent. The products’ low-level ammonia formula lets the stylist be in control of the color option – and conserves the integrity of the hair.

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What is ChromaSilk and What Does it Do?

The superior Chromasilk colorants guarantee all over coverage to eliminate those unwanted grey hairs. Look younger with beautiful, vibrant hair shades like the Light Golden Lowlight, Dark Copper Lowlight, or the Golden Violet Brown Bombshell. Pravana produces a series of collections in their ChromaSilk line, which we sell at a discounted price. These assortments include the ChromaSilk Neons, the ChromaSilk Pastels, and the ChromaSilk Vivids. The hair colors are made up of four key ingredients: silk amino acids, keratin amino acids, low ammonia, and high-level dye loads. All of them combined allow the products to accomplish color application, hair strength, lasting color, and an even distribution. If you are tired of your hair color and just simply want a change, ChromaSilk is the way to go. Pravana hair color is the master in producing shiny and silky locks that last.

An Environment-Friendly Brand

Just like Rusk hair products and Jerome Russell Punky Color, the brand does not experiment on animals. Their preference to use 100% biodegradable packaging proves that the label’s philosophy stands – that their haircare products always participate in protecting the Earth and its people. Pravana focuses on a natural, eco-friendly approach by opting not to use cosmetic materials that are known to be harmful to the environment. We love that Pravana is always giving back to the community, especially with their built-in charitable contribution that gets donated to the disease research center, City of Hope, with every NEVO Hair Care purchase made.

Image Beauty is honored to be a distributor of Pravana ChromaSilk—the professional haircare brand that was created by stylists, for stylists. Cruise through our online store or visit one of our locations to shop for affordable Pravana products.

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