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Bio Ionic Flat Iron

bio ionic flat iron

Stylists who aim to use the best technology for straightening hair can depend on the flat irons of Bio Ionic. These irons use plates that harness natural negative ions to eliminate water masses on the hair to flatten it. This IonTransformationâ„¢ process allows the styling tool to hydrate, penetrate, and delete frizz to create shiny, healthy hair. The high-quality performance of Bio Ionic Flat Irons has made it the best natural ionic hair tool in the country.

What is Bio Ionic?

Bio ionic engineering was founded by famous hair stylist Fernando Romero. During his journey to Japan, Fernando Romero discovered the science of utilizing natural ions and realized the power that natural negative ions have on styling hair. His awareness of this hair treatment led him to create the Bio Ionic haircare and tools that apply natural negative ions to improve hair.

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Why Buy Bio Ionic Flat Irons?

Placed in the category of ionic hair styling products such as the Infrashine Flat Iron, this brand chooses to generate hair equipment that operates through charged minerals that were originated from the Earth’s elements. Image Beauty is a proud distributor of Bio Ionic flat irons and other Bio Ionic tools because of the healthy impact it has on styling hair. The flat irons are no match for overly-texturized coarse hair, and stylists will see it make their hair fabrications absolute perfection.

How They Work

The Bio Ionic flat irons we sell in our inventory work by permitting hydrating molecules to enter the hair cuticle to condition, smooth, and strengthen hair without damaging it. Try the One Pass Nano Ceramic Straightening Iron by Bio Ionic, which uses natural negative ions and flattens hair in just one stroke press. It is the fastest working flat iron with Nanolonic Mineral technology. We also suggest the Bio Ionic Agave Healing Vapor Iron, which was featured in Allure Magazine as on their best flat irons. The iron deeply conditions as it straightens by vaporizing the natural ingredient, Agava plant sugar, into the hair. This Bio Ionic iron is made for the toughest, most frizzy and textured hair. The sale of this iron also includes a 4oz bottle of Agave Healing Vapor Infusion.

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