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aquage hair productsAt Image Beauty, we sell the best brands at a discounted price to salons, customers, and professional hair stylists across the nation. Aside from popular brands such as Milkshake hair products and Rusk hair products, Aquage is a high-end haircare manufacturer that uses Algaeplex healing sea botanicals to hydrate, strengthen, and protect hair.

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What is Aquage Haircare?

Unlike other hair products, Aquage infuses eight types of organic seaweeds and algae from coastal waters around the world into the ingredients to provide hair with the nutrients it needs. Aquage hair products also contain botanicals such as Irish moss, ormagels, wakame, ascophyllum, and dulse to provide hair with vitamins. The healing algaeplex botanicals moisturize hair and build more body, especially when using a professional hair dryer. Aquage aims to use the healing power of the ocean to nourish and restore hair. The solutions are all formulated in shades of blue and radiates a fresh, clean, sea-like aroma. In addition, some of the haircare products are also sulfate free.

Why Buy Aquage?

The Aquage label supports the retailing of independent salons by focusing the sale of their hair products towards them - which is why we are so proud to be one of their many distributors. We also sell Aquage at a discounted price compared to other beauty suppliers. Aquage hair products are available for a variety of haircare tailoring including: priming, styling, texturizing, thermalizing and finishing.

Customer Approval

Customers who shop on our website can easily get their hands on the Aquage Color Protecting Shampoo, which was voted in 2009 as the “best shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair” by LaunchPad Magazine’s Reader’s Choice awards. The Color Protecting Shampoo was also awarded “best in its’ class” for color retention test and value by the American Board of Certified Hair colorists in the same year.

Try These Aquage Haircare Products

Other great Aquage hair products we sell are the Aquage Uplifting Foam and the Aquage Transforming Paste, which is used for styling purposes. To create a beautiful shine and to shield from thermal damage when styling hair with hot instruments, try the Aquage Beyond Body Thermal Spray. Another impressive product by Aquage is the Curl Defining Cream, which smooths and defines curls without that crispy feel using flexible polymers and ultra-light silicones. We sell Aquage hair products for every type of mane, from dry and frizzy to curly or straight!

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