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Why Winter Sun Protection is a Must

Posted on: 2/19/2013 2:12 PM

For most of us, the first time we had ever been exposed to sunscreen was by our mothers slathering it all over us while she fussed about the importance of its use. sunFrom adolescence to the teenage years we rebelled one time or another and found out the hard way that too little sunscreen could turn into a painful situation.  Sunburn is a common occurrence when we fail to either use sunscreen.  We only think about sunscreen in the summer but the thi...

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Gift Sets - What's not to love? 

And more importantly, what's not for Mom to love?  Let you're mom know how much you love her by giving her a complete spa treatment - that she can do from home!  Not only with you get more bang for your buck, (gift sets usually are priced lower if you buy the products as a set), but you can guarantee she'll like something (If not everything!) in there!

1.  NEW! Borghese Spatacular Treats Gift Setborghese

Borghese Skin Care i...

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atopalmAtopalm MLE Body Lotionis a unique moisturizing formula that was developed by dermatologists to combat the problem of dry skin and other skin irritations. 

What is MLE formula technology?

  • MLE stands for Multi Lamellar Emulsion, a unique patented skincare technology
  • The Journal of Investigative Dermatology contains exact reports of how this MLE technology works.  (Good luck with reading the whole thing...it's very, er, scientific).  Their conclusions...
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