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Why Winter Sun Protection is a Must

Posted on: 2/19/13 2:12 PM

For most of us, the first time we had ever been exposed to sunscreen was by our mothers slathering it all over us while she fussed about the importance of its use. sunFrom adolescence to the teenage years we rebelled one time or another and found out the hard way that too little sunscreen could turn into a painful situation.  Sunburn is a common occurrence when we fail to either use sunscreen.  We only think about sunscreen in the summer but the thi...

Keep Your Dyed Hair Healthy & Shiny

Posted on: 12/19/12 11:39 AM

[caption id="attachment_4485" align="alignright" width="378"]Photo Credit: Idhren at Flickr[/caption] Hair dye can add verve and shine to your look, and allow you to play with your style and perhaps even express your personality. However, there is no denying that it can also give your locks a dry, dull look, especially as the color fades. There is no need to anguish over this reality as there are certain steps you can take to maintain a full head...

How to Be Healthy on Thanksgiving

Posted on: 11/21/12 6:39 PM

Pause and imagine Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. What comes to mind? Turkey, gravy, sweet potato pie, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, stuffing. . . plates will be spilling forth from the table and you will undoubtedly help yourself to multiple servings. And then it strikes: the feeling that you ate too much and the feeling of being weighed down that lingers for days. Instead of wearing sweat pants for a week, below are some tips on how ...

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