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Let's talk about  necessity. You know what I mean . . . the one thing in your beauty arsenal that you feel you need and cannot live without. We all have that item and it really does vary from person to person. Believe it or not, my personal "I can't leave the house until I'm wearing it" beauty product is . . . my eyebrow pencil. I know it sounds silly, but hear me out; I get incredibly irked when my eyebrows aren't even and filled. Eyebrows truly...

The 1950's was a decade of soft curls, feminine features. And, while the 60's were all about the dramatic eye makeup, the 50's favored bold lips, long lashes and strongly defined eyebrows. Some of the most admired beauties of cinematic history came from this era, and us 21st Century ladies can easily recreate their iconic looks. To incorporate the expressive, sexy brows into your look, first you will most likely need to temporarily skip over your...

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