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How to Style your Pixie Haircut

Posted on: 11/26/13 1:02 AM

Jennifer Lawrence is the latest celebrity to shed her long locks in favor of a sleek, confident pixie. Day-to-day, she’s able to switch from a punkish look to a sleek, ladylike demeanor. If you find yourself inspired and want to try out a shorter hairdo, below are some tips to making sure your cut always looks its best.


1)      Before the scissors are whipped out, make sure that you have a specific idea of what kind of pixie you want – are you in...

Product Review: Lava Volcanic Wax by Framesi

Posted on: 11/29/12 12:39 PM

As you might have noticed, I have short hair . . . very short hair. So listen up men - this blog post can be helpful to you as well! Those with long hair might be surprised when I say this, but I find that short hair takes more work to maintain than if it was lengthier. When I have a bad-hair-day or feel lazy, there is no option of throwing my locks back in a simple ponytail or braid. When I am getting ready to face the world, I must blow dry and...

Brows, Behave!

Posted on: 5/28/09 1:08 AM

NEW! Urban Decay Brow Boxes

urbandecaybrow-boxThere's really no other product like it out there - Urban Decay's brilliant palm sized brow box contains all you need to making your eyebrows look groomed, shaped, and all-around fabulous!  It's no wonder the Brow Box won a 2008 Golden Compact Award for "Best Brow Product." Each tiny, decorative box (four different sets available) comes with two eyebrow shadow shades, a pair of mini tweezers, and a small, angled eyebrow...

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