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This post is an opinion piece generously contributed by Jason Reschka.

1015-confused-man-smThere are a lot of things that I have come to learn about women since beginning to date my fiancé. But as far as I’ve come, there is still one pressing issue that I have just begun to figure out- why on earth does it take her so long to get ready? Seriously. Last weekend we went to a wedding for one of her high school friends. She started getting ready 2 hours early and we wer...

Foundation Questions Are Answered!

Posted on: 12/26/12 10:51 AM

What are ways to find the right foundation for specific skin types? For dry skin, you will want a moisturizing liquid foundation that has a slight dewy texture as to add a healthy glow. Additionally, products with SPF will help to nourish and protect your skin from the drying effects of the sun. For greasy skin, choose to use a powder that naturally soaks up oil and has a matte texture that is meant specifically for oily skin and use non-oil base...

Your Beauty Questions...Answered!

Posted on: 6/26/09 6:55 PM

We get a lot of questions about different products - many regarding similar issues!  We thought it would be a great idea to post our answers onto our blog!   productimage   Q:  I recently had my hair chemically relaxed.  I usually have really thick, curly hair, so I'm not used to the new texture.  What products do you recommend to keep my hair looking sleek and straight? A:  All you really need is a good daily shampoo/conditioner and a dependable flat iron! ...

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