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This post is an opinion piece generously contributed by Jason Reschka.

1015-confused-man-smThere are a lot of things that I have come to learn about women since beginning to date my fiancé. But as far as I’ve come, there is still one pressing issue that I have just begun to figure out- why on earth does it take her so long to get ready? Seriously. Last weekend we went to a wedding for one of her high school friends. She started getting ready 2 hours early and we wer...

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Guy's Opinion of the Ombre Hair Style

Posted on: 10/20/2012 8:18 AM

The ombre hairstyle trend; we’ve seen it in the magazines, on the runways, on our favorite celebrities and walking down our sidewalks. It seems like this coloring is becoming increasingly popular among women, which made us wonder: what do men think of the latest fad? We polled sixty men between the ages of 22 – 40, and asked them to rate their opinion of the look. Here’s the breakdown of our results: Dan, age 25 (Love it)  - "The gradiation is ve...

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Designer Fragrances Used at the Zoo?

Posted on: 6/9/2010 1:22 PM

This is one of the funniest stories I've seen in a while! Have you ever gone to the zoo and stood behind a fence waiting to see a Jaguar or a Lion, only to be disappointed that they never show up?  Well, we've got a solution for you. Pat Thomas, curator at the Brooklyn Zoo, has been doing research using designer fragrances on Big Cats' (Jaguars, Lions, etc) surroundings to see which scents they are attracted to.  The unanimous favorite?  Calvin K...

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If Dad's not already familiar with ZIRH, he's in for a real treat this Father's Day.  ZIRH is one of the most popular men's only skincare lines around.  And, to further validate our love affair with ZIRH, it was was recently awarded "Best Men's Product" award in the 2009 CEW Awards. Brian Robinson, the president of ZIRH gets it - men are nowadays just as conscious of their appearance as women, but they don't want all the hassle or embarr...

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