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There are many techniques for applying makeup. Some of us ladies use our fingers while others use the tiny sponge applicators that come with each eyeshadow palette. However, the best method for perfecting a look is using makeup brushes – tools specifically designed for cosmetic application. In fact, there is a brush for every type of cosmetic coverage application including concealer, foundation, powder and bronzer. With so many brushes available ...

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The application of makeup takes practice to master, but once a gal has grasped the skill, the main focus is achieving the desired look. What cosmetics do you plan on using to express your style this holiday season? It might be a mixture of various brands, but Measurable Difference by Chrislie may be the line you need to enhance your application technique and makeup appearance. Paint your expression with innovative and high-quality beauty products...

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Four Reasons Why You Should Wear Lip Stain

Posted on: 7/9/2015 10:54 AM

Have you ever wanted to express a bold lip with your makeup style, but had trouble keeping it on the entire day? Coloring the lips is a major element in applying makeup to achieve the desired look you want. Lipstick comes in many colors and various ingredients, but it can be difficult to keep up with when re-applying it often. Lip stain offers a color for the lips that doesn’t cause as much frustration to maintain as lipstick does. Lip stain is a...

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Every girl knows how tedious it can be to learn how to apply eye makeup and figure out their skin’s proper foundation.  Aside from that, there’s also about a thousand other things women struggle with daily in the world of cosmetics!


A lot of women—and even some men—constantly search for the best makeup that will make them look as natural as possible.  Also, as many people should know, wearing too much makeup is arguably worse than wearing not eno...

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