Dry, flaky skin = my nightmare. Every year when the weather changes from hot to cold, my face is the first to react . . . poorly. As someone who cycles to-and-from work, the elements are especially harsh on my skin and the results are less than flattering. I have found that a really good exfoliating wash is key to keeping my dry skin problem at bay, so I was psyched when I was told that I would be reviewing the Derma E Microdermabraison Scrub. What's my take? The first thing I noticed is the amazing smell: it has the light  scent of lemon drops with refreshing citrus undertones. I also love that this product is very gentle; throughout my time, I have tried a lot of exfoliating scrubs and this one works very well to remove dead cells while leaving the skin underneath soft and healthy instead of red and raw. I used this product every night before bed for one week, and the change is highly noticeable. I would absolutely recommend this product! This state-of-the-art scrub utilizes a crystal blend system to remove dead skin cells and absorb excess oils. Markedly diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and retexturizes your skin, leaving it silky smooth. The crystal blend used in this product is a large molecular structure and is therefore not bio-available to the body, so there is no possibility of absorption through the skin.