We simply cannot get enough of Giovanni products!

New! Giovanni 2chic Ultra-Moist Collection


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These new hair and body products will make you feel like you just walked out of a resort spa. Charged with Giovanni’s dual moisture complex of avocado and olive oil, the ultra-moist line will cure your dry and damaged hair and skin instantly!

Why avocado and olive oil?

Avocado contains fatty acids, which help restore the natural moisture of hair and skin. Vitamins A, C, B-6 and E help the durability and flexibility of hair. Avocado also deeply moisturizes skin and creates a soft shine to your hair.


Olive oil provides the deepest possible hydration – a natural humectant. It strengthens hair and helps restore the healthy glow to your skin. Olive oil is also rich in Vitamin E, Omega 6 & 9 fatty acids, which also improve healthy hair and skin.



The 2chic Ultra-Moist Collection is essential for the upcoming dry days of the winter. It will help get rid of cracked skin and dull hair – creating only perfection! Let's take a look at the new collection!



Giovanni 2chic Ultra-Moist Shampoo &

Giovanni 2chic Ultra-Moist Conditioner

  • The shampoo and conditioner work together to give your hair a healthy shine. They conquer dry, damaged hair and cleanses without stripping color!


Giovanni 2chic Ultra-Moist Body Wash

  • The body wash soothes and deeply moisturizes your skin to give it a deliciously hydrated finish.Via pinterest.com


Giovanni 2chic Ultra-Moist Body Lotion

  • We all want velvety skin and this body lotion can get you there! This lightweight, non-greasy formula leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth all day long.


Giovanni 2chic Ultra-Moist Dual Action Leave-in Protective Spray

  • If you want more bounce and shine in your hair after heat-styling it – this product is a must! After you run an iron through your hair, you will have nothing but a polished finish!


Giovanni 2chic Ultra-Moist Leave-in Conditioning & Styling Elixir

  • The leave-in conditioner and styling elixir will strengthen hair for style control. It improves elasticity and tames frizz.


Giovanni 2chic Ultra-Moist Deep Deep Moisture Hair Mask

  • This product is for extremely damaged hair that is rough and coarse. It’s rich formula will improve the texture of your hair and will help bring it back to life.


Giovanni 2chic Ultra-Moist Super Potion

  • This product always comes to the rescue when dry hair is present! It tames frizz and flyaways by preventing and curing split ends.


Giovanni 2chic Ultra-Moist Touch Up Hair Towelette

  • 2chic on the go! This towelette is ready whenever you need it and perfect for traveling. Simply glide the towelette over your skin for a healthy, sexy glow.