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71325Michael O'Rourke's 3 Way Hairspray was also featured on "The View"!  Buy yours today! Michael O'Rourke 3-Way Hairspray 3-Way Hairspray This is the flagship product in the “Michael O’Rourke” Styling Line. This luxury hairspray incorporates breakthrough technology by utilizing an adjustable nozzle to deliver 3 spray strengths for 3 types of styling, a never before seen invention in the beauty industry.

Crack Leave-In Hair Fix

Posted on: 11/26/10 4:29 PM

prolockscrackCrack Leave-In Hair Fix: Created by Salon Stylists, for Salon Stylists.  Crack is a unique multi-tasking leave-in treatment and styling aid in one, that instantly and effectively transforms, keratin-depleted, stressed, frizzy, curly hair to a sleek, smooth, healthy, shiny dimension. Highly sophisticated micro proteins and power peptides instantly infuse deep into hair cuticle and encase the hair follicle with a keratinous bond, to promote healing...

Best Hair Products

Posted on: 9/10/10 10:33 AM

Yahoo.com and RealBeauty.com have done a poll of the 15 best hair products that you can buy today.  We have  5 of the 15 products in stock, ready to ship!  We also have suitable replacements for others.  See below!

Best Hair Dryer

T3 Featherweight Luxe Hair Dryer:t3 featherweight luxeThe ultimate in super-speed, frizz-fighting, hair-protecting, Tourmaline ceramic drying and styling power. Leaves hair feeling remarkably healthy, radiantly beautiful and incredibly vibran...

Welcome Back T3!!!

Posted on: 8/11/10 3:41 PM

T3 has done an entire re-design of their best-selling hair dryers, flat irons, and curling irons.    The upgrades have come in many shapes and sizes, and are not limited to: Packaging Re-Design Re-engineering of the motors New Products New Technology It's no wonder they label themselves the "The Science Of Fabulous"!  We have to tell you, these new products are GREAT!

Hair DryersT3 Featherweight Hair Dryer

T3 has taken hair dryer design into the future with proprietary, pate...

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