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Blowouts are great for amping up the volume of your hair to rock a bouncy, smooth mane. But, it’s not just a technique that can only be mastered by professional stylists at the salon. A professional blowout can cost around $40 each time and take at least an hour and a half to complete. So, why not save the time and money and do it right at home? By following these five simple tricks, you will rock voluminous locks in no time.


1. Carry out the blo...

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The air is frigid and the world seems to be confined to a blue and gray color palate. That doesn’t mean your skin has to match! If you are missing that sun-kissed glow your skin used to have, get it back the easy way that doesn’t require weeks of frying in a tanning bed. The tan doesn’t have to be immensely dark, especially if it looks out of place with your current surroundings and style choices. Innovative developments in the cosmetic industry ...

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There are many techniques for applying makeup. Some of us ladies use our fingers while others use the tiny sponge applicators that come with each eyeshadow palette. However, the best method for perfecting a look is using makeup brushes – tools specifically designed for cosmetic application. In fact, there is a brush for every type of cosmetic coverage application including concealer, foundation, powder and bronzer. With so many brushes available ...

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Do you find yourself buying the same color makeup over and over again? Does your makeup collection seem to be a variation of the same tone? There’s nothing wrong with favoring a specific color palette when it comes to your beauty products. However, if enhancing your self-image is a major goal on your list of New Year’s resolutions for 2016, then switching up shades is a start. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge and incorporate vibrant hues into y...

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